An affordable material with a mix of exceptional physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical qualities is polypropylene rods and sheets. Its working temperature range and tensile strength are superior to those of low- or high-density polyethylene.

Dharti Polymers is a big name which deals in the supplying, exporting and importing of top grade Polypropylene(PP) Products that are available in many different shapes and sizes which includes cylindrical rod, squared and rectangular sheets that can be customized according to customer demands. They are highly pure in nature with a purity up to 99 percent that make them free from toxins and other impurities. The offered Polypropylene(PP) Products are commonly used for the making of machine parts, furniture, architectural elements and various other items. They are available in different colors and shades as per clients demand. Polypropylene(PP) is available from Classic Polymers & Resins in standard shapes including Rods, Tubes, and Sheets as well as in custom-made components.

Polypropylene ( pp ) Sheet & Rod
Stock Shape Colour Size Range Dimensions
Polypropylene Rods(PPHP & PPCP) Natural (White/Translucent) + 6 Colours Diameter : 12mm to 300mm
Length : Upto 3000mm
Polypropylene Sheet(PPHP & PPCP) Natural (White) & Black Thickness : 1mm to 100mm
Width : 1000mm to 2000mm
Length : Upto 4000mm

Note: We have an internal machining facility where we can produce the finished component (in accordance with the drawing) or cut it to size as needed.

Application :

  • Acid tank & vessel linings
  • Cutting boards
  • Component carrier for storage racks
  • Etching machines & rinse tubs
  • Fans
  • Flange
  • Fume hoods & ducts
  • Metal plating Barrels
  • Orthopedic equipments