Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Rods and Sheets are members of the polyethylene and polyolefin family. It stands out for having a very low density, excellent sliding characteristics, and high toughness all at once.

UHMWPE Rods are a very resilient, economical, and adaptable material with outstanding chemical and impact resistance.

UHMWPE can withstand long-term service temperatures of between -250 °C and roughly +80 °C.

UHMW Product are plastic components that are made up by using premium class ultra high molecular weight polyethylene which results in high strength to weight ratio. They are fabricated by using advanced production technologies that make them highly accurate in dimensions and free from any manufacturing flaws. Different shapes and sizes of such UHMW Product availed by us according to customer demands. These substances are capable to resist high temperature up to 452 degrees Celsius that make them capable to withstand harsh industrial conditions which results in longer service life. They are highly suitable for protection against corrosion, humidity and outdoor weather conditions.

Features :

  • Density 0.94 gm/cm .
  • High Molecular weight above 4 Million.
  • High impact Resistance and flexural strength.
  • Lighter than water-unique Engineering Plastic.
  • Good resistance at high as well low (-2690C) temperature.
  • Non-sticking to foreign material.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and almost no water absorption.
  • Free from taste and odour hygienic.
  • Fine electrical properties.
  • Easily machinable.
  • No atmospheric effect.
  • Excellent abrasion resista
UHMWPE Rod & Sheet